How Does Transformation Happen?

Woman meditating in sitting yoga position on the top of a mounta

“It doesn’t happen by accident, and it doesn’t happen by choice. It happens when a deeper want demands attention—and is fully honored.”

“It’s easy to ignore the call of a deeper want, and even easier to come up with reasons why now is not the time to honor it. I did that for years. But the resullt of being deaf to my deepest desire was an unfulfilling life, a  life of compromise and postponement.

Thank goodness I found Bonnie. As my life coach, she rolled out a red carpet invitiation to heed the call of my deepest want and to start living a fulfilling life right now. And because of her encouragement and support, I was able to do so.

Bonnie helped me move forward, despite my fear, by encouraging me to tap into something that is bigger than fear—excitement, curiosity, passion. She helped me see the big picture and create a space around a problem so that insights could arise. She was deeply committed to my success, even when I was filled with self-doubt.

The result is that I’m now excited about my future, which seems full of possibilities. More important, I’m deeply satisfied with my life as it unfolds. That’s because, thanks to Bonnie, I’m no longer settling for a life of compromise and postponement. I’m living the real thing, right here, right now.” — J. Griffin